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Working with comparatively small group sizes, unlike many military boarding or Boot Camp style troubled teen schools; we can maintain a high-quality experience for the students.  The world is our classroom. At Seneca Boarding school for troubled teens troubled teen boot camp there is no time for cellphones or  personal internet use.  We travel to experience two American History Tours every year. Every January we take our students to Costa Rica, our second home. There, we create experiences which change lives and perspectives.

As we mature, we begin to realize that wholesome work is great therapy

in providing a solid foundation for life, when combined with proper professional counseling and Insight. We teach a child how to work, which spills over to enhance all other areas of life. At our Behavioral Health Services therapeutic boarding school, We also teach basic Judeo-Christian ethics and morals that give the reasons as well as the specifics of why we seek to do Good.  We also provide online virtual school with accredited academics.

Seneca ....
A place for change

Our Experiential Learning Program in Costa Rica

Seneca Therapeutic Boarding School, Military School, Troubled Youth Behavioral Health Services, Boot Camps, Equine for Girls

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Our Natural Organic Garden Diet and Foods

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We believe diet has a direct impact on our students' especially in our therapeutic Boarding school for girls..  Our Head Mistress, creates meals prepared with only the freshest organic produce.  We can ensure the quality of our dietary program because we grow most of the produce ourselves, in a fully organic garden.  This makes it possible to get our students off simple sugars, which in turn helps create good behavioral health and produces feelings of well-being and calmness. 

Our Therapeutic Philosophy and Academic Program

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