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My son is currently at Seneca Boarding School for Troubled Teens troubled teen boot camp. He's been there since June 2012. Seneca was chosen as a “step down” program to follow an inpatient hospital stay. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and a host of educational and emotional issues associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, although he is very smart and verbal. I taught public school for twenty one years and at the college level for eight. In public school, they made many mistakes and tried to bully me into placing my child into inappropriate settings. Seneca has made remarkable renovations and are settling into their newest renovated building. Most importantly, I feel they have worked wonders with my son. My son’s main caregiver/teacher/therapist is absolutely a wealth of intelligence, common sense, morality, determination and patience. She managed to find him in his sea of issues and has helped him heal academically, physically (she weaned him off of all antidepressants with the doctor's help), emotionally and spiritually. My son feels part of a family and takes great pride in his accomplishments.  Seneca has done for my child what public and private specialty schools, nor hospitals could. They have treated his whole being. They helped him find, and then, like himself. For the first time in his life, he participates in extracurricular activities and social gatherings. My son honors hard work, schoolwork, church and community now. He still needs daily encouragement and hourly motivation, but he has come so far since last June. The young man he is today is because stood behind him, never giving up, reacting to his behaviors with appropriate consequences that taught him what it is to be accountable to himself, to others and to his Faith.

Jan V. Avant, M.Ed.

Charleston South Carolina

Our Grandson had it all... smart, good looking, and a heart of gold.  But we started having concerns when his parents split up and later divorced. As a result, he began to act out in ways we had never imagined. He later came to live with us as a result of his behavior; for his mother who is our daughter and a single parent at that time had lost complete control of the situation... My wife and I felt we could make the difference if he came to live with us. I had been a 30 year marine corps serviceman and believed I could make him straighten up and fly right... To my dismay, all my ideas were unfounded and our grandson soon had us looking for other options. Luckily, my wife ... found Seneca in SC on the Internet and we called them and explained our situation with our Grandson. The Staff were professional but very down to earth. We felt immediately at home with the people when we first discussed the placement.  Later, as we enrolled Travis and actually met the staff face to face we felt the same We understood that the Internet has all types of people making all kinds of claims, both true and false. So we went to see for ourselves and met the staff at Seneca. We placed Travis almost immediately and he stayed with Seneca Ranch for over a year and a half.  Needless to say, we got our grandson back. He did just wonderfully and graduated the program.  He is now just finishing up college and is engaged to his college sweet heart. Seneca saved our grandson and we know it truly can make the difference for the needs of struggling or troubled teens. We highly recommend the staff and program for the needs of any child troubled or not. Also, we would caution you that there are competitors out there who will tell you anything. These individuals are not there for your child like we found Seneca was for our grandson in our time of need. We are thankful for the great experiences we had with our grandson at Seneca.

- Ron and Melanie Cooley 

Lake lands Florida

We had been struggling for years to help our daughter.  Lying, disrespect, failing school, inappropriate behavior with boys, smoking, drinking, drugs, you name it, we were dealing with it.  We went to therapy for years without success.  Once she entered high school, things quickly began to spiral out of control.  We knew we had to do something to keep her safe and help her to change the direction her life.  We spoke to many other therapeutic boarding schools but once we contacted Seneca, we knew our search was over.  She has been at Seneca for 6 months now and although she still has more work to do, we are seeing such positive results. Our hope for our daughters future is being restored.  She is beginning to believe in herself and her confidence and self esteem has improved.  She is now able to understand the importance of hard work and seeing the positive results.  We credit much of the success to the structure and expectations of the program which are presented in a firm, yet kind, loving way.  It is encouraging to see the progress she has made so far.


Maria and Grieg Patak
Lancing Michigan

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Seneca has helped me see things completely different. I have been able to make better choices than I had in the past. As I compare my past to my present I think of miracles. I never thought that the staff here could help me change and make better choice for myself, but it happened. so many things changed. I don't even think its possible to get back into old bad habits because doing good feels amazing. Having a positive attitude is so much better. Keeping yourself healthy is so much better than feeling horrible. Learning to use a modest language is so much better. keeping yourself modest and clean with clothing, language, and substances, etc. is so much better. i am so grateful for what Seneca has done for me, it gives me a great perspective for my life and my future. 

Warren, NJ

At Seneca they gave me healthy and tasty food. they were ALWAYS nice to me. I made bad choices before I came here but at the beginning of my stay here at Seneca i was NOT grateful for anything and now allot has changed because i am VERY grateful for everything ,,,, While at Seneca I learned how to be respectful to everyone that comes into my life. So when I came here I was on 5 medications and when they took me off of my medication I thought to myself how in the world is this supposed to help me, but then they guided me through everything I was on my medication for. I played to many video games that where violent and made me disrespectful. when i came here i didn't have a good relationship with my parents beforehand At Seneca there are no cellphones video games or the internet so that stopped me from violent video games and I talked to them about relationships after a while I made different choices and my parents and me bonded through this process so much.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Students Comment's


Seneca helped me see things in another way that completely changed my perspective and thus the way I felt... I hate to admit it but I was really out there before I came here and surrounded myself with people places and things that re-enforced that experience. Seneca provided a place that I could change and I am now forever grateful.


                                                   Dallas Texas

Because Seneca boarding school for Troubled Teens therapeutic boarding schools works in very small family groups, typically no more than 6-12 students, At Seneca Boarding School for Troubled Teens troubled teen boot campour emphasis is on quality over quantity, and therefore the number of spaces is limited. We provide structure similar to military boarding schools in our Boarding School for Troubled Teens troubled teen boot camp, We also have boarding schools for girls with boarding school review

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