Administration: The management team of Seneca has many years of experience working with behavioral health services troubled youth. They are highly qualified in mental health services and truly care about the students under their care. They are great mentors and role models for youth. One primary focus at Seneca is to help students acquire a strong work ethic, increasingly rare in today’s world.

The Gift of Work and Diet: Our students are taught the value of hard work in every aspect of their lives. They see and learn how to work and work well--first at Seneca and facilities with their peers and school mentors, then in the greater community. Our young people help grow much of their own food in our beautiful, completely organic garden in our boarding schools for girls. The produce from this garden, integrated into their diet, helps stabilize students' blood sugar levels. This creates a more calm, balanced physical and mental state, eliminating the spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels so common with processed-food or high-sugar/carbohydrate diets. 
Academics: We assist parents and students in enrolling in online courses accepted by their local school system, in order to provide a seamless transition between that system and the educational opportunities at Seneca. All students work toward their ultimate goals of graduation and future career choices. Some situations may require the student to graduate high school while enrolled at Seneca. This is no problem, as the education counselors in the fully accredited online offerings work with us to help students with the recovery of credits, and with other issues concerning their educational goals. The academic programs are online, and fully accredited by nationally recognized agencies such as SACS CASI or other regional organizations, as desired by the parents or guardians responsible for their child's education. Schools with nationally recognized online programs such as Connections Academy and, powered by American High School, among others, have entire teams of certified teachers and tutors who are masters of each subject, assisting students, one-to-one, online. Each student is assessed upon admission and then assisted in designing his or her specific course of study. Boys and girls study in separate environments in order to maximize their ability to succeed in the pursuit of worthy academic goals.  With a universe of courses offered online, easily accessible from home or any internet hot spot, opportunities abound.  This is critical for a successful and seamless transition for the student he or she returns home. Using,  by American High School, allows maximum flexibility of choice any time, any place. These offerings are very appropriate for students with special needs or who require a degree of flexibility. This educational program has a monthly surcharge ranging from $69.95 up, depending on desired coursework, which may include additional charges for recovering credits, dual enrollment, advanced placement courses, or concurrent enrollment options. This depends on the desired academic program choices you may make with your student. These options are in line with what many high schools offer throughout the country, and present more rigorous opportunities for the college-bound student. Many parents have recommended to us because of its very affordable services, plentiful options and ease of use, provided through American High School. The curriculum is nationally accredited, individualized and competency-based, allowing students to work at their own pace, maximizing the learning process. Students are not held back by other teens in the class, lesson plans, teachers' schedules, course offerings, or class availability. They are afforded individual study as well as tutoring by certified teachers, with the option of completing courses at an accelerated pace. 

Religious Ethics and Moral Education: 
It is a common belief that the study of scripture and religious and ethics training will do more to change bad behavior than the study of such behavior. Our experience has shown that a daily seminary class including prayer and scripture study combined with weekly church attendance enhance the student's ability to make appropriate choices. Behavior becomes defined as right or wrong and is far less open to interpretation or rationalization, which often stymies the dynamics of change.

Church and Merit System: Regular church attendance and religious seminary study has a powerful effect in influencing the student's ability to change. We find it to be most effective when combined with the cognitive behavior model such as the merit system used by the Seneca Ranch program. The students typically change more quickly and the effects are longer-lasting with this component of the process.

Professional therapy: This is an integral part of the basic three-month process and may be continued at the discretion of parents or guardians throughout the remainder of the student's enrollment. Seneca also provides an opportunity for students to participate in a holistic approach to continue their education with a complete range of therapeutic counseling services and activities, including informal horse therapy. Our students are encouraged to seek a healthy and happy balance in their lives in the areas of spiritual, emotional, physical and social development.  Concerning Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, or Special Needs, history shows that the best results are achieved using a Cognitive Behavioral Model.  We are equipped to handle special needs such as Aspergers Syndrome and other forms of high functioning Autism.  As with all family-based plans, the schedule is flexible and adaptable to unforeseen circumstances, new opportunities and situations.

Monday through Saturday                                     
6:30 AM Arise, clean room and personal space; set daily goals in journal; shower
7:30 AM. Exercise facility hike.
8:30 AM Feed horses or cows
9:30 AM Breakfast and seminary/scripture study
10:30 AM Virtual School
12:30PM Lunch 1:30 PM Virtual School
3:30 PM Equine therapies, grooming horses, or Farm work
5:30 PM Feed horses or cows, prepare for dinner
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Remedial work and ranch activities
8:30 PM Recreational Activity
9:45 PM Journal writing
10:00 PM Lights out

Sunday Schedule
 6:30 AM Arise, clean room and personal space; set daily goals in journal; shower  
7:30 am Feed horses or cows   
8:30 AM Breakfast   
9:00 AM Cleanup and dress for church  
9:30 AM Depart for church and worship services
10:00AM Worship Services  
1:30 PM Lunch  
2:30 PM Journal writing, Family/personal history writing  
3:30 PM Quiet free time, letter writing home  
5:30 PM Feed horses or cows, prepare for dinner  
6:30 PM Dinner  
7:30 PM Remedial work and ranch activities  
8:30 PM Recreational relaxing activity
10:00 PM Lights out

Special Activities:

Spanish Language Immersion, American Culture and History--December, January, February Christmas Mission Trip in Costa Rica: An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in our mission service program while involved in our Spanish language immersion program. This is held at our Pillars of Hope Language Institute, at Teen Discovery Costa Rica. Dates are flexible and we typically go from late December through late February or early March (typically two and a half months.) No additional costs other than airfare to and from Costa Rica and minor fees for special activities/excursions.

Program Options and Costs: Seneca is a Boarding School program that is Christian-based, but interdenominational, welcoming any and all faiths.
Tuition is $3,995 monthly.* and a special Financial Hardship option paid at $2695 a month then balloon payments of $595 a month till the tuition owed is paid off interest-free after they return home for family Incomes under $65,000 see below (Hardship Tuition is $3895 per month total plus fees) ** see below The process is set up to be completed in 90 days by the student but if they haven’t progressed appropriately, the program can be extended to 6 months 12 months or even 18-24 months for some students with long histories of chronic issues. If the student's progress is acceptable to the therapist, parents and staff, it is recommended they return home in 90 days. If not, they naturally stay for additional months, until the progress sought is achieved

*The Basic 90-day wake-up process is $4,695 per month plus $3,500 start up plus fees not included in basic tuition, paid upfront upon admission. This is $17,790 total. The reduced tuition of $3,995 per month quoted above is for a 12-month contract only. This contract includes the start-up fee and first month's tuition up front, then the $3,995 is paid monthly, for the 11 remaining months. There is also reduced tuition of $4,395 on a 6-month contract. This includes the start up fee and first month's tuition up front, and then the $4,395 is paid monthly for the remaining 5 months. There is a 2-month Summer Program option that can be used year-round. This process is $9,395 plus the $3,500 start up fee or $12,895 total.

**we also have a financial hardship program for single or combined incomes under $65,000 where you cover the start up fees then pay $2695 per month with two balloon payments of $595 when the student returns home for every month they stay with us (Tuition total each month for Hardship $3895 total ) .... Example student stays for a 3 month process there is $3000 start up and first months tuition $2695 or $5695 total first month then 2nd month would be $2695 also the 3rd is $2695 then the child returns home and there would be six months of payments of $595 till balance owed is paid in full interest free... If student stays 6 months the monthly tuition upfront while here is $2695 @ 6 months then a year(12) of payments of $595 after they return home... If student stays 12 months the monthly tuition upfront while here is $2695 @ 12 months then 2 years (24) of payments of $595 after they return home ...Please note some Insurance policies can and do cover allot of the Therapeutic portions of the program and that money can be credited so that some if not all of the interest free differed payments of $495 a month can be covered but these cost are not guaranteed and are still the responsibility of parents if insurance dosent cover these billed services and are covered as described above * contact us at 864-462-0237 or fill out a contact form at for more info on this program this doesn't cover incidentals or Karate class fees

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