Program Overview


What makes us able to transform the lives of the students we serve? Our process, which uses six essential steps to long-term change.

1. Devotionals, Seminars, and Therapy
Seneca uses these behavioral health services and mental health services as tools to enhance the student's experience and results. We combine these with a boarding situation that fosters necessary changes in behavior and instills appropriate habits and character development.

2. Integrated Equestrian Programs with Informal Horse Therapy
We teach students how to interact properly with the horses we raise and sell. They are connected to Yeguada Los Pilares Spanish Thoroughbred Farms in South Carolina and Costa Rica.  For more on our Andalusian horses:                                                     

3. Students Learn the Therapeutic Value of Work
Seneca is a working Andalusian or P.R.E Horse and Black Angus Beef Cattle farm. Part of the process is teaching the therapeutic value of hard
​work as each student is assigned the daily care of a particular horse which
they groom and care for as they grow in responsibility and consistency. 

4. Moral Values and Ethics Training

Because Seneca is a Christian-Based boarding school that is Values-Based,  which allows us to teach our students the true worth of living a moral life and a healthy respect for time-tested, proven ethics and values.

5. Accredited Schooling and Study abroad Spanish Language Immersion Program Necessary for future College Admission.

Our online curriculum is individualized and competency-based and keeps them on task. Our school also has a special Spanish Immersion process for longer-staying students, which runs for 3 months in Costa Rica This is a added bonus separate from the after Christmas Service trips we do for a month or so with all students in January and February. Student Transfer temporarily to our sister school in Costa Rica, and continue their program while they learn Spanish as 2nd language. This international boarding schools option is open to all students after the initial 90 day process as soon as they achieve level 4 status. All program costs remain the same. Parents or sponsors only cover Air Fare and passport costs, over and above regular tuition.

6. Program Costs are kept economical and to a minimum.
Tuition is $3,995 monthly.* and a Financial Hardship option paid at $2695 a month then balloon payments of $595 a month till the tuition owed is paid off interest-free after they return home for family Incomes under $65,000 see below (Hardship Tuition is $3895 per month total) ** see below The process is set up to be completed in 90 days by the student but if they haven’t progressed appropriately, the program can be extended to 6 months 12 months or even 18-24 months for some students with long histories of chronic issues. If the student's progress is acceptable to the therapist, parents and staff, it is recommended they return home in 90 days. If not, they naturally stay for additional months, until the progress sought is achieved

7. The 7 Dynamics of Change
The 7 Dynamics of Change are fundamental experiences that occur through the application of basic principles in the process of the program at Teen Discovery and Seneca. These are pivotal experiences and choices that, with maturation, time and change in environment, a student's behavioral paradigms are transformed.  This helps them replace bad choices with good, practical ones, based on principles they personally experience, internalize, and take ownership of. We call these foundational principles.  "The 7 Dynamics Of Change" facilitate inner change in the student.

*We strive to create affordable boarding schools options a reality The Basic 90-day wake-up process is $4,695 per month plus $3,500 start up plus fees not included in basic tuition, paid upfront upon admission. This is $17,790 total. The reduced tuition of $3,995 per month quoted above is for a 12-month contract only. This contract includes the start-up fee and first month's tuition up front, then the $3,995 is paid monthly, for the 11 remaining months. There is also reduced tuition of $4,395 on a 6-month contract. This includes the start up fee and first month's tuition up front, and then the $4,395 is paid monthly for the remaining 5 months. There is a 2-month Summer Program option that can be used year-round. This process is $9,395 plus the $3,500 start up fee or $12,895 total.

**we also have a financial hardship program for single or combined incomes under $65,000 where you cover the start up fees then pay $2695 per month with two balloon payments of $595 when the student returns home for every month they stay with us (Tuition total each month for Hardship $3895 total ) .... Example student stays for a 3 month process there is $3000 start up and first months tuition $2695 or $5695 total first month then 2nd month would be $2695 also the 3rd is $2695 then the child returns home and there would be six months of payments of $595 till balance owed is paid in full interest free... If student stays 6 months the monthly tuition upfront while here is $2695 @ 6 months then a year(12) of payments of $595 after they return home... If student stays 12 months the monthly tuition upfront while here is $2695 @ 12 months then 2 years (24) of payments of $595 after they return home * contact us at 864-462-0237 or fill out a contact form at for more info on this program this doesn't cover incidentals or Karate or Virtual class fees
****Please note some Insurance policies can and do cover allot of the Therapeutic portions of the program and that money can be credited so that some if not all of the interest free differed payments of $595 a month can be covered but these cost are not guaranteed and are still the responsibility of parents if insurance dosen't cover these billed services and are covered as described above

*** We also have a cash upfront option for 6 months or a year for $3695 a month and the reduced start-up is fee is $3000 instead of the regular $3500 Most therapeutic boarding schools for girls or military boarding schools or even international boarding schools are very expensive this cash price is half the national average for affordable boarding schools.

* Please Note these totals dosen't include billed monthly incidentals or Karate or Virtual school Class fees

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